The Restaurant
Bluestem’s menu reflects the evolution of California coastal fare, taking inspiration from the different culinary traditions and techniques gained from multiple waves of immigration spanning more than two centuries. Focusing on the rich agricultural offerings of the fertile coastal region, and the animals that inhabit its land and waters, our menu is balanced with a flexitarian approach; seafood and meat are sustainably sourced, while local fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds play the starring role. Dishes are refreshing, simply composed, and veer towards lighter fare. Our beverage program showcases local and regional producers, and honors the bounty and seasonality of Northern California.

The Market
Bluestem’s market is inspired by our chef’s pantry where one can find the best ingredients, prepared items, and products offering a carefully curated snapshot of the Bay Area’s incredible community of local food artisans. It is designed to meet an array of needs, from your morning coffee paired with our infamously craveable cinnamon rolls (baked in limited quantities each morning!); to a quick and healthful lunch; to a one-stop-shop for the highest quality products needed to prepare a home cooked meal; and a selection of gifts reflecting the “best of” the region’s craftspeople.

Our Values
Bluestem is a mission-driven company deeply committed to upholding a strong set of values, and ensuring they inform all that we do.

We believe in doing the right thing (even when it’s the hard thing), and treating every guest, purveyor, and team member with an equal amount of respect. We also believe integrity means running a business that supports and enriches the community and environment.

From the sourcing of ingredients, to a menu created to respect and preserve the balance of an interconnected local food system, and the packaging of goods in our market, sustainability is at the core of all that we do at Bluestem.

While Bluestem’s cuisine is meant to enhance the physical wellbeing of our guests, equally important is supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of our team. We believe in fostering a healthy company culture of openness and compassion, empathetic to the rigors of this industry, and the challenges of modern life.

Our team approaches work with the joy and enthusiasm that comes from doing what you love. This creates a genuine hospitality that can be felt by our guests and partners, and fuels a positive energy in the workplace.

We strive to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities around us, where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and empowered to succeed.


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