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A spirited gathering place in downtown San Francisco serving California coastal fare.


When One Season Ends,
Another Begins


When we opened Bluestem, we set out to create a restaurant and community gathering space where people felt welcomed, well-fed, thoughtfully cared for, and ultimately known. We wanted to offer a menu that worked in harmony with nature, celebrating and sharing the best ingredients of each season. We are very proud to say that over the last 11 years, we have been able to collaborate and evolve beyond that ambitious vision thanks to the contributions of countless incredible humans.


We will carry those relationships with us with full and heavy hearts as we host our last day of service on Saturday, December 24th. It has truly been an honor to create a space where people take respite amidst busy work days and gather to celebrate life’s special moments, where regulars choose to linger after their meal and soak in the comforts of our familial space. Those snapshots help keep our hearts full as we say farewell to a restaurant that became our second home, that we perhaps know better than ourselves.


As we are winding down over the next few days, we would love to see your familiar faces. Until then, we want to offer our heartfelt thanks. Thank you for entrusting us with your care, whether as a regular or during a single visit. We are so grateful.


With Love,


Stacy & Adam Jed
Co-Owners, Bluestem Restaurant & Market